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Thought For The Day 03/31/11


This post is less a “thought” and more of a “note” to you all, but I’m writing it nonetheless.
I am not the most techno savvy person on the face of the earth. In fact, I have been known to staunchly resist change (just ask my husband). But there is one item I possess with technology I have come to love…my iPhone!
Did you know there are tons of free Apps out there on the iPhone for Christians? I have a couple downloaded which I use all the time….when I walk the dog, during long car rides, even when I’m in my MD’s office waiting…and waiting…and waiting!!! Some are video, some audio and some just for reading, but since my cell phone seems to be attached to me at all times, it is wonderful to have this little, portable resource close at hand. Three Apps that I have and love include:
1: “Bible” from which offers many translations (NKJV, CEV, The Message, etc.) and lets you bookmark your favorite passage.
2: “Ligonier” which offers daily devotionals, Christian educational topics, and blogs.
3: “COTM” (Church On The Move) which has video services by a variety of clergy.
Technology has it’s good and bad sides but I find this to be one of the better sides to it. And since it’s not going to go away, I figure we need to learn to use it to better ourselves. And what better way than this? (Oh, and to carry about 300 pictures of my grandson!)

Thought For The Day 03/30/11


“Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.”

Elizabeth Bibesco

Have you ever thought about the people around who seem to have to announce to the world every contribution they make? They also seem to be the people who are the unhappiest in life….they seem unhappy with their family, friends, work, even themselves…..nothing brings them joy. They need to validate their works, so they shout them from the roof tops. Then there are the rest….often the people you seldom notice…..but take a closer look at them. They are the ones who are always there, with a smile and a good word for all. They are quiet, sometimes even meek, but they exude joy from every pore…every ounce of their being. They do good simply because it feels good to them. They are the ones we don’t notice as much because they are the ones who already know God. It’s the first group we need to reach out to….the first group who’s hearts need to be touched. And while everyone needs God, isn’t it the sinner more than the saint, that needs a pastor and a church?

Thought For The Day 03/29/11


This morning I checked out my Facebook page and the very first post there was one from someone I don’t really know well….he’s kind of a friend of a friend….but today he had posted a video from Casting Crowns, “Glorious Day”! I had never heard it before, but I quickly grabbed the box of  tissues as I was listening. The words so touched me, and though I seem to be able to find God in nearly everything I do these days, this was just one more arrow along my path that tells me I have chosen the right road to travel. This song’s message is especially poignant as the holiest days in the Christian calendar are nearing. Here is the chorus: “….living He loved me..dying He saved me..buried He carried my sins far away..rising He justified, freely day He’s coming..oh glorious day….”! Oh glorious day, indeed, because now I truly understand just what His sacrifice means. And even more than His promise that I will join Him in heaven one day is also the promise that my daily trials, as well as joys, here on earth are the things that will continually bring me closer to Him!

Thought For The Day 03/28/11


As I sat pondering about what I might write I was looking out the window at an overcast, dank, dreary, grey day. The grey weighed heavily on me and seemed to sap all the energy and spirit from me. How would I manage to be creative? How would I manage coming up with some words that would convey an upbeat, spiritual message? As my thoughts were racing all jumbled and confused, I suddenly realized that I had a home, warmth, sustenance, and family near me…….hundreds of thousands in Japan don’t. I suddenly realized that I had a peaceful neighborhood, and community with services readily available to me and a government and military ready to protect me…….hundreds of thousands in Libya don’t. Then I looked a little closer at the world outside my window. Through the grey, I could see green blades of grass sprouting up. Through the grey I could see the leaves popping out on my Crepe Myrtle tree. Through the grey I could see the beautiful blooms on my neighbor’s Flowering Plum tree. And finally I realized that through all that grey, everywhere, was the promise of Spring……the promise of warm breezes, fluffy clouds and blue skies. Suddenly I realized it really wasn’t all that grey outside… really was shaping up to be quite a beautiful day. And with a light heart I bowed my head and asked God to watch over all those who were truly suffering and I gave thanks for all my blessings. Yes indeed, it’s an absolutely splendid day outside! Praise God!

Thought For The Day 03/27/11


I became ill in 1998 with an unusual neurological disease. I say this not because I want sympathy or extra prayers (although I will never turn down a prayer) but because becoming seriously ill has a way of altering the way one views life and others who are part of our lives. I think that was the first time I discovered which people in my life were true friends. There were friends who called, talked about the weather, and hung up. Then there were the friends who showed up at the house, helped me into my wheelchair or out of bed, or just headed to the closet to grab the vacuum, or sat next to me when I cried and despaired and mourned the loss of my functioning. I can count on one hand the number of those friends…..but those are the same friends I hug and talk to and see and spend time with still today. They will be the friends I cherish for all my tomorrows. It’s not so much what they said and did but more that they were simply there. It was that I knew I could depend on, lean on and gain strength from their presence in my life. Does feeling like this about someone or something sound familiar to you? It should because it’s exactly the same way I felt when God came back into my life….no….when I let God come back into my life….because I have come to realize that He never left me….I left Him, forgot about Him. It’s a mistake I won’t make again, that I guarantee. Because I have discovered that His love for me is a love I can depend on, lean on and gain strength from! It simply is……….

Thought For The Day 03/26/11


The world I live in is hectic….like the world of most women, especially mothers. I care for my husband, children, grandson,  home, pets and then, in the time left over, myself. It seemed I had little time left over for remembering God, never mind thanking Him for the things he has blessed me with. Then the thunderbolt struck. I was not doing anything more than answering email when I felt…..yes, an absolutely tangible sensation…a hand on my heart. I remember looking at the clock and noting the time……10:48 AM, Tuesday, 3/22/11.  I knew with an absolute certainty that God was there, speaking to me. I knew absolutely that my life would be guided onto a path of service in His name. Will my life now be any less hectic? Absolutely not. Will I still be caring for my husband, children, grandson, home and pets? Absolutely. But now I will remember to place thanking God for my blessings and repaying Him for those blessings by service to my fellow man first in my life and in my heart. (Although, as a fallible human being, and a Grandma, I must admit my grandson ranks almost as high, and I think that’s as it should be! I guess I’ll be taking baby steps at first!)

Hello world! Thought For The Day 03/25/11


I like the idea of posting a thought for the day. Not only does it require us to spend some time in quiet contemplation but then encourages us to give our thoughts and feelings a voice. Somehow, even a few minutes of introspection does wonders for giving one a fresh perspective of the issue being questioned and can go far in turning confusion and inaction into a clear and definitive solution. Or perhaps it’s just God leaning over our shoulder and whispering the answer in our ear when we’re finally ready, willing and able to understand it!