Thought For The Day 08/08/13


Forgive By Faith




The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Mahatma Gandhi


My “THOUGHT” on Tuesday generated a slurry of responses from friends who follow my postings every day. The thing that I found the most surprising was that the views expressed were so diverse and I began to wonder if there is really behavior that we bear witness to that is so horrific that to forgive the act becomes an impossibility. For example, is it possible to forgive those who flew planes into multiple buildings on American soil a dozen years ago? Or can we ever forgive the parent who beats a toddler nearly to death simply because they did not have the capacity to stop crying when they were told to do so?


Yes, we can all think of acts of horror so great, that to forgive takes more than we think we can muster. But then I remember words from one who was able to forgive despite being abused and tortured beyond what most of us could possibly ever endure! Remember Luke 23:24 NIV, “… Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing …”? And as I recalled those words, I remembered why I need to forgive! What I said to those whose discussion about forgiveness went on for more than a day, was the following: “I don’t forgive because it changes them. I forgive because it changes me!”


Since forgiveness goes against our nature, we must forgive by faith, whether we feel like it or not. To forgive releases us from the resentment that we often find ourselves trapped in when we are hurt. You see, when we are hurt in some way by another’s actions, we become a victim. We feel weak, powerless and for each hurt we endure, a little piece of our sense of self is lost. But when we forgive, whether or not we ever forget the wrong that was done to us, we become empowered. We take back our sense of self and we regain peace within our hearts, minds and souls.


There is something else that is perhaps even more important for us to remember. To forgive others is God’s command to us! Yes, forgiveness is a decision of our will, but it is also motivated by our will to act in a way that we know is GOD’S WILL and is pleasing to Him! And He wants us to forgive over and over and over again! How many times? Matthew 18:22 NIV, “… Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” And it is this that leads us to what is perhaps the most important reason for us to forgive! We of faith do so because we know that we must forgive others for our Father to forgive us our own trespasses! And of all things of faith that we embrace and commit ourselves to doing, it is this that we do, because we recognize that to forgive will change us now and forever!


For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Matthew 6:14-16 NIV


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About Mandy Bruscella

Mandy's Story: As a Registered Professional Nurse with Certification in a number of specialties including home care, I was afforded the opportunity of working closely with various Social Service Agencies in NY and NJ. ~ A lifelong Christian, I was ordained as a Presbyterian deacon in 1993 and, after relocating to SC in 2000, elected to become ordained as a non-denominational minister. ~ I established "MandysPath" Ministry in 2011. "MandysPath" Ministry is a member of Pacific Life Church, El Sobrante, CA, network of ministries. ~ I direct an outreach ministry in an alternative setting, providing spiritual care to a congregation of more than 500 people from around the world via the Internet. ~ As part of this outreach, I write a daily faith based blog. In March, 2012 I was asked to become a board member of Heroes For Children which is a non-profit foundation, established to assists the Guardian ad Litem program of Horry County, SC. Guardians ad Litem are a group of court appointed advocates who represent the best interests of children in Family Court proceedings involving allegations of abuse or neglect. Working closely with these men and women who make a difference in the lives of children, I completed training and have been sworn in to serve as a Guardian ad Litem for the state of South Carolina . ~ I have been married since 1975 to a wonderful man, Daniel. I have a son Daniel and his wife Melissa who live in NYC. My daughter Sabrina and my grandson Landon live here in SC. ~ My father Harold continues to share his wisdom with me and is responsible for many of the ideas I write about!

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