Thought or The Day 07/17/14


Clean Up Your Own Backyard!

Thought 1221



Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. 

Thomas à Kempis

 Imitation of Christ, c.1420


I find it absolutely amazing how so many people out there seem to think that they (and only they) seem to know what is best for others. These people either mount their soap-box and opine to any who will listen or they utilize the subtle tactic and insinuate themselves into the life of the other guy. When failing to effect just exactly what they think is needed, these people feel that it is not just their right, but their responsibility, as well, to try sneaking in through the backdoor. They hound and hound and needle and needle until they successfully break the strength and will of the other person and the other yells “uncle” because they can not take any more of the arm twisting tactics! And while we might not believe it possible, sometimes these behaviors have life altering consequences, contributing to the early demise of innocent lives who do not deserve to be treated thusly. Read and remember the following list of names and know that they are but a drop in the bucket when compared to the true number of lives lost this way throughout the ages!

Tyler Clemente    Eric Mohat    Christian Taylor   Phoebe Prince
Jamey Rodemeyer    Lennon Baldwin    
Mitchell Wilson      Amanda Cummings


These names are those of young people but young people are not the only group of people harassed and abused by the actions of others who seek to impugn the behavior of another. Recently the victim was a dear friend of mine who was subjected to unthinkable harassment while already doing battle with a medical demon. And suddenly, a life is snuffed out, and it becomes the responsibility of those left behind to pick up the pieces and continue on wondering how it is that others can be so cruel! What did their loved one do to deserve this? Could I have done anything to stop this tragedy from occurring? The answer, of course, is NO!


Those who are victimized come from every walk of life, save one unique trait. Think African-Americans since the founding of our country. Think Women from time immemorial. Think Gays, Lesbians, Bi-sexual and Transgender people since choosing to make themselves known to the world. If you think hard enough, I am certain each and every person reading this can think of a friend who has been subjected to abuse, sometimes in the name of God, by those who profess a deep and abiding faith in Him and as such, believe they know His mind when it comes to rendering judgement on others.


The Bible is clear that God does not want His people to be judgmental. We are fallible and human and it is because of this that we who all have sinned, should not cast aspersions on the character or behaviors of another. Remember the story about Christ, the only human born pure and untainted by sin, who, when discovering what was about to transpire against the adulteress, did not condemn the woman and instead, admonished the people who were preparing to stone her that the one among them who was without sin should be the first one to cast a stone? None stepped forward then, and none should step forward today!


I have chosen the route of forgiveness against those who transgress against me because it is what I need to do to live with myself. Anger and resentment toward others only punishes the one who is angry! I don’t know about you all, but as for me, I prefer the adage, “Forgive and you shall be forgiven”. Extend the courtesy of forgiveness to everyone around you, even when you do not agree with the things they say or do. Choose to reign in your outrage and instead, behave to others with sensitivity and the same courtesy you expect to receive from them!


Clean Up Your Own Backyard

Elvis Presley

Back porch preacher preaching at me
Acting like he wrote the golden rules
Shaking his fist and speeching at me
Shouting from his soap box like a fool

Come Sunday morning he’s lying in bed
With his eye all red, with the wine in his head
Wishing he was dead when he oughta be
Heading for Sunday school

Clean up your own backyard
Oh, don’t you hand me none of your lines
Clean up your own backyard
You  tend to your business, I’ll tend to mine

Drugstore  cowboy criticizing
Acting like he’s better than you and me
Standing on the sidewalk supervising
Telling everybody how they ought to be

Come closing time ‘most every night
And he locks up tight and out go the lights
And he ducks out of sight and he cheats on his wife
With his employee

But clean up your own backyard
Oh, don’t you hand me none of your lines
Clean up your own backyard
You  tend to your business, I’ll tend to mine

Armchair quarterback’s always moanin’
Second guessing people all day long
Pushing, fooling and hanging on in
Always messing where they don’t belong

When you get right down to the nitty-gritty
Isn’t it a pity that in this big city
Not a one a’little bitty man’ll admit
He could have been a little bit wrong

Clean up your own backyard
Oh don’t you hand me, don’t you hand me none of your lines
Clean up your own backyard
You  tend to your business, I’ll tend to mine

Clean up your own backyard
You tend to your business, I’ll tend to mine


He told them, “Consider carefully what you do, because you are not judging for mere mortals but for the Lord, who is with you whenever you give a verdict. Now let the fear of the Lord be on you. Judge carefully, for with the Lord our God there is no injustice or partiality or bribery.”

2 Chronicles 19: 6-7 NIV


Mandy 2014

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About Mandy Bruscella

Mandy's Story: As a Registered Professional Nurse with Certification in a number of specialties including home care, I was afforded the opportunity of working closely with various Social Service Agencies in NY and NJ. ~ A lifelong Christian, I was ordained as a Presbyterian deacon in 1993 and, after relocating to SC in 2000, elected to become ordained as a non-denominational minister. ~ I established "MandysPath" Ministry in 2011. "MandysPath" Ministry is a member of Pacific Life Church, El Sobrante, CA, network of ministries. ~ I direct an outreach ministry in an alternative setting, providing spiritual care to a congregation of more than 500 people from around the world via the Internet. ~ As part of this outreach, I write a daily faith based blog. In March, 2012 I was asked to become a board member of Heroes For Children which is a non-profit foundation, established to assists the Guardian ad Litem program of Horry County, SC. Guardians ad Litem are a group of court appointed advocates who represent the best interests of children in Family Court proceedings involving allegations of abuse or neglect. Working closely with these men and women who make a difference in the lives of children, I completed training and have been sworn in to serve as a Guardian ad Litem for the state of South Carolina . ~ I have been married since 1975 to a wonderful man, Daniel. I have a son Daniel and his wife Melissa who live in NYC. My daughter Sabrina and my grandson Landon live here in SC. ~ My father Harold continues to share his wisdom with me and is responsible for many of the ideas I write about!

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