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A Masterpiece

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Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece.

Author Unknown


Since it is October…. a month when we honor Breast Cancer victims and survivors, the majority of which are female (yes…. I do know that men are stricken with Breast Cancer too…. but at a greatly reduced number), I thought that it might also be a time to honor a less well-known, but no less important, woman spoken of in the Bible. You see, in thinking about both Cancer victims and the one particular Bible heroine I am thinking of, I remember the fortitude and tenacity both (have and still do) exhibit in beating back an enemy…. rising from the battle victorious, reborn just as the mythological Phoenix is reborn from the ashes of adversity!


How many of you remember the name Hagar? Most people today only know the name as it related to one of two things…. either a very large, hairy character from the Harry Potter series so popular with not only teens but adults as well, or as a brand of men’s slacks! But the Hagar I am thinking about is the one who was the servant to Abraham’s wife, Sarah.


Now throughout history, servants have usually been treated more like slaves that an employee of the household, and it is likely that Hagar’s plight was similar. However, Hagar’s role in fulfilling God’s plan for the house of Abraham was absolute. You see, Abraham’s wife, Sarah, was desperate to give her husband a son and heir. But unable to conceive, it was her servant (slave) Hagar who was chosen to become a surrogate, and who was impregnated with Abraham’s child.


Now as is so often the case, while Sarah thought she could reconcile herself with this scenario involving her husband and her servant, she soon became jealous of Hagar and the role she would play in the household. Feeling this animus, Hagar became afraid of her mistress and ran away. But while Hagar was in the wilderness, God sent water to her and spoke, telling her of the son she was carrying. God directed her to return home and she did so, choosing to obey the one who took pity on her by assuaging her thirst and providing spiritual solace.


Even though Abraham thought the son delivered by Hagar would be his heir, God did allow Sarah to conceive a son… and she was delivered of a male child whose name is very well known…. Isaac. However, Ismael, the son delivered by Hagar, was a great man in his own right. You see, Ismael would sire a great nation  through his twelve sons. It is also a name we know very well…. Israel! And Isaac, Abraham’s son with Sarah, would father the children of Jerusalem.


For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by a slave woman and one by a free woman. But the son of the slave was born according to the flesh, while the son of the free woman was born through promise. Now this may be interpreted allegorically: these women are two covenants. One is from Mount Sinai, bearing children for slavery; she is Hagar. Now Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia; she corresponds to the present Jerusalem, for she is in slavery with her children. But the Jerusalem above is free, and she is our mother.

Galatians 4:22-26 ESV


Mandy 2014

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Mandy's Story: As a Registered Professional Nurse with Certification in a number of specialties including home care, I was afforded the opportunity of working closely with various Social Service Agencies in NY and NJ. ~ A lifelong Christian, I was ordained as a Presbyterian deacon in 1993 and, after relocating to SC in 2000, elected to become ordained as a non-denominational minister. ~ I established "MandysPath" Ministry in 2011. "MandysPath" Ministry is a member of Pacific Life Church, El Sobrante, CA, network of ministries. ~ I direct an outreach ministry in an alternative setting, providing spiritual care to a congregation of more than 500 people from around the world via the Internet. ~ As part of this outreach, I write a daily faith based blog. In March, 2012 I was asked to become a board member of Heroes For Children which is a non-profit foundation, established to assists the Guardian ad Litem program of Horry County, SC. Guardians ad Litem are a group of court appointed advocates who represent the best interests of children in Family Court proceedings involving allegations of abuse or neglect. Working closely with these men and women who make a difference in the lives of children, I completed training and have been sworn in to serve as a Guardian ad Litem for the state of South Carolina . ~ I have been married since 1975 to a wonderful man, Daniel. I have a son Daniel and his wife Melissa who live in NYC. My daughter Sabrina and my grandson Landon live here in SC. ~ My father Harold continues to share his wisdom with me and is responsible for many of the ideas I write about!

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