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I Know Why I Believe!

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  “A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul.”

Dwight L. Moody


Today I want to expand a bit on yesterday’s post, “Seeing the Face of God” and ask you this question: “Do you believe in God?” Now to examine this a bit more, I want to challenge you to think about some things you may never have considered up till now!


Ask a roomful of people if they believe in God and you will probably get as many different answers as there are the number of people that are in that room! Some may not be certain but as intelligent people, they recognize that sometimes trying to answer “YES” or “NO” foist’s a personal belief onto another which is why they might choose to say that they respect the right of everyone to decide the matter for themselves! Then there are others who look to the majesty of the cosmos and say that we here are but a speck on the fabric of the universe and yet, we as a race, are determined to continue forward in life because faith propels us to do so! Others see God as an always existing entity who was, is, and always will be a force that is one we can turn to in good and bad times for succor and sustenance! And yet others hold that there must exist a force greater than that of man who set all things as we have come to know them in motion!


I, for one, have always been a pragmatist. I look at things, try to dissect them, and then draw my conclusions based on my determinations…. which is so contrary to how I define faith (belief without proof) that I sometimes wonder how it is that I know so positively, that what it is that I believe, is true. And then I realized that the answers to God’s very existence lies in His design for our existence. For example, look at a few things that defy explanation but which are a part of the perfectly tuned symphony that is our little part of the universe!



The size and location of Earth is perfect. Earth is close enough to the sun so that a vast amount of its land mass is habitable. We can be kept  perfectly warm and cool, but not burn up nor freeze to death.  Our atmosphere holds just the perfect proportions of the gasses such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, that we need for sustaining all life… plant, animal, human. Our planet contains water for maintaining that atmosphere and our satellite is just the perfect distance away so that its gravitational pull keeps our oceans constantly circulating by tidal forces. Add to this the other million things scientific minds have learned about our planet and it is easy to think that it can not have happened by pure chance.



Just consider the complex programming that comprises our DNA. There are 30 million nucleosomes in each human cell. So many are needed because the DNA strand wraps around each one only 1.65 times, in a twist containing 147 of its units, and the DNA molecule in a single chromosome can be up to 225 million units in length. (a) And every one of the billions of cells we have, acts like a microscopic computer for controlling the billions of things our bodies need to do to sustain our life! From being able to see the 7 million colors we can differentiate to a brain that can process a million messages a second, it is inconceivable that the symphony that is our bodies was an accident.


Laws of Nature:

We walk upon the earth without fear we will fly off into space. The earth revolves around the sun in a predictable time frame of 1,461 days every 4 years. The moon revolves around the earth in 28 days. Our planet rotates once every 24 hours. Ice melts in the sunlight just as a hot cup of coffee cools even in that same light. These are ordered, reliable and absolute! Even scientists are baffled at the orderly way nature follows a detailed set of rules without any unpredictability. A Nobel Prize winner for quantum electrodynamics, Richard Feynman, has said that the fact that there are rules at all is a kind of miracle! (b)



There has been only one religious figure in all of history that has claimed to be equal to God. From Confucius to Moses, to Muhammad to Buddha, all were self-described prophets or teachers. The fact that Christ described himself as with attributes that have always be seen to rest only with God, such as the power of forgiveness, sets him apart from the others. While the rest asked followers to listen and apply the teachings of their words, Jesus asked people to follow HIM! John 14:6 NIV says, ‘Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. “’ We also read in John 8:12 NIV, ‘When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”’


So, having read these four things I have shared, and understanding that there are perhaps dozens of additional arguments that could be given, I ask once more, “Do you believe in God?” I hope that if you were perhaps teetering between answering “YES” or “NO”, I may have at least given you a gentle nudge over to the “YES” side of the equation. And even if I haven’t, let me share just one more thing with you right now. Whether you believe in God matters less than you think because, GOD BELIEVES IN YOU. He LOVES you. He ACCEPTS you. And He will ALWAYS be there for YOU!



(b) Richard Feynman, The Meaning of It All: Thoughts of a Citizen-Scientist (New York: BasicBooks, 1998), 43


Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Romans 15:13 KJV



Mandy 2014

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