Thought For The Day 02/16/15


The Chaos He Delights In

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“He’s the only stable thing in the swirling chaos.”

Beth Revis

“A Million Suns”


I don’t know about you all, but it seems that for me and my house, we exist amid a world of chaos. It is not what I would choose for any of us, if I had the capacity to do so, but I also understand that this is inherently what comes with being a part of the human race.


We live, vulnerable to the pressures of one who not just delights in that chaos, but grows stronger, as if it is chaos that provides the nourishment he needs to sustain his existence here on earth. And make no mistake, he is as real as is the poverty we see in our inner cities, the breakdown of the family dynamic we see in the clash of brother against brother and the partisanship we see that tries to fracture our governments!


Yes, Satan does all he can to insinuate himself between each heart and all that heart holds sacred and he enlists the help of many to accomplish the deed! A fellow blogger, Nancy Salazar (a former Missionary, and founder of the New Harvest Christian Fellowship), once wrote a post in which Satan speaks to his minions about how to gain victory over Christians. The instructions he gives are worth remembering, so that we do not fall victim his spell.



Satan said to a convention of Demons, “As long as Christians stay close to God, we have no power over them. So here are 12 things you can do to get victory over Christians.”

1) Keep them busy with non essentials.

2) Tempt them to overspend and go into debt.

3) Make them work long hours to maintain empty life styles.

4) Discourage them from spending family time together, for when their homes disintegrate there is no refuge from work.

5) Over stimulate their minds with television and computers, so they can’t hear God speaking to them.

6) Fill their coffee tables and night stands with newspapers and magazines so they have no time to read the Bible.

7) Flood their mailboxes with sweepstakes promotions and get rich quick schemes to keep them chasing material things.

8) Put glamour models on TV and on magazine covers to keep them focused on outward appearances. That way they will be dissatisfied with themselves and dissatisfied with their mates.

9) Make sure couples are too exhausted for physical intimacy so they will be tempted to look elsewhere.

10) Make Santa and the Easter bunny bigger than Jesus to divert them from remembering the real meaning of the holiday.

11) Involve them in good causes so they won’t have time for eternal ones.

12) Make them self-satisfied. Keep them busy working in their own strength so they’ll never know the joy of God’s power working through them.



Yes, Satan thrives on chaos because chaos fractures our resolve to live by what is right. And when we break, Satan burrows into the tiny cracks that develop, infecting our soul like an invading micro-organism finds entry into our cells, infecting our body. And it is when we are vulnerable that we find ourselves falling victim to the lies of one who wants to possess the part of us that rightfully belongs to only two; ourselves and God.


Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.
1 Peter 5:8 NLT


mandy and melissa

Happy Birthday to my sister Melissa! Once again, you’re only one year younger than I am! LOL! Have a wonderful day!


Mandy 2014

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